Mizizi Sesame Oil

Mizizi Sesame Oil

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The excellent moisturizer for skin with various needs and strong healthy hair!

Sesame is the oldest oilseed crop known to humanity. It’s filled with fatty acids and linoleic acid that make it an excellent moisturizer. It’s also rich in Vitamin E, D and B-complex which makes it effective in reducing scars and rashes. It’s great for massages due to its detoxifying properties. It’s effective in treatment of inflamed and wounded skin.
It has an anti-oxidant called sesamol that prevents the appearance of wrinkles and small pores in skin. It provides a glowing skin and acts as a natural sunscreen.

Sesame oil strengthens hair from the roots and gives deep nourishment. It helps prevent and treat premature graying and promotes hair growth. It coats hair protecting it from the damage caused by UV rays and the effects of pollution.

It provides a soothing, tranquilizing and moisturizing effect to the hair and scalp. It imparts shine, acts as a deep conditioner, revitalizes damaged hair and combats hair loss.


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