Mizizi Extra Virgin Oil

Mizizi Extra Virgin Oil

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Extra virgin olive oil is a great emollient with the ability to penetrate the hair shaft, nourishing, conditioning and improving the strength and elasticity of hair. It also contains anti-inflammatory properties and promotes scalp health and prevent dry flaky scalp.

It can be used in your pre-poo and hot oil treatments, mixed with your deep conditioner or used over your leave-in conditioner to lock in moisture. It is also rich in high levels of mono-unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E, an anti-oxidant important for hair growth.

Extra virgin olive oil penetrates deep into the skin on your face, providing needed moisture as well as a shield to protect your skin, keeping it smooth. 

Mix it with your skin exfoliator to rid your face of old dry skin, revealing new, younger skin underneath. Massage it gently into your face to promote your skin’s elasticity. It is great as an eye makeup remover too as it is kind to the delicate eye area.


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