About Us

As an African woman, I found it difficult to find products that were specially designed for MY type of hair and skin and made from SAFE and wholesome natural ingredients that do not cause long-term harm. This was the inspiration behind Earthnique.

Earthnique is your no. 1 source for GOOD FOR YOU natural-based hair care, skincare, and beauty products specially designed for the Ethnic Woman. Sourced both from amazing small-scale cottage industry producers in Africa, as well as from inspirational quality focused global brands,

Earthnique offers a one-stop-shop for all your natural beauty needs. We meet the diverse needs of our customers by ensuring easy access to healthy and suitable products while also providing through our qualified and supportive staff, much-needed information, and advice to customers. We vet all our suppliers and test their products to ensure that they are quality products made from healthy ingredients, and, that specifically address the needs of the ethnic woman.

Africa has, unfortunately, become a dumping ground for harmful imported cheap products, and sadly a net exported of rich healing raw ingredients. As a continent, there is a need to flip this narrative and begin to protect our consumers from harmful illness causing dumped goods, and at the same time use our natural ingredients to value-add creating finished products to be consumed locally and exported.

Earthnique is part of the solution and here to make this happen. We are excited to continue by working to protect consumers from harmful products, and also excited to play our part in putting African beauty brands on the world map.